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Complaints regarding the goods

The seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the Customer without physical or legal defects.

The Seller is liable to the Customer for the defectiveness of the goods sold, which existed at the time the danger passed onto the Customer or resulted from the cause inherent in the goods sold at the same time, to the extent specified in the Act of 23 April 1964 Civil Code and the Act of May 30 2014 on consumer rights.

In the event of a defect in the goods purchased from the Seller, the Customer has the right to make a complaint based on the provisions on warranty in the Civil Code.

Complaints should be submitted in writing or by e-mail to the addresses of the Seller provided in the Regulations.

It is recommended to include in the complaint, inter alia, a brief description of the defect, the circumstances (including the date) of its occurrence, the details of the Customer submitting the complaint, and the Customer’s request in connection with the defect of the goods. When submitting a complaint, please provide a proof of purchase, which may be, for example, a copy of an invoice or a receipt, a printout confirming the operation using a payment card, etc. In a situation where the data or information provided in the complaints / questions need to be supplemented, the Seller asks the person submitting the complaint to supplement them before having them considered.

If the sold Goods have a defect, the Customer may:

  • submit a declaration of price reduction or withdrawal from the contract, unless the Seller immediately and without undue inconvenience to the Customer replaces the defective product with a product free from defects or removes the defect. The reduced price should remain in such proportion to the price resulting from the contract in which the value of the Goods with the defect remains to the value of the Goods without a defect. The Customer may not withdraw from the contract if the defect of the Good is irrelevant;
  • demand replacement of the Product with a Product free from defects or removal of the defect. The Seller is obliged to replace the defective Product with the one free from defects or remove the defect within a reasonable time without undue inconvenience to the Customer, with reservations and on the terms set out in the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.

If the Customer is a Consumer, they may, instead of the removal of the defect proposed by the Seller, demand that the Product be replaced with a Product free from defects, or instead of the Product replacement, demand that the defect be removed, unless it is impossible to bring the Product into conformity with the contract in the manner chosen by the Consumer or would require excessive costs compared to the method of proposed by the Seller. When assessing the excess of costs, the value of the Product free from defects, the type and significance of the defect found is taken into account, as well as the inconvenience to which the Consumer would otherwise be exposed.

The Seller will respond to the complaint immediately, no later than within 14 days, and if they do not do so within this period, it is considered that the Customer’s request was considered justified.

If the claims are considered justified, the Service Provider will send the Customer a full-fledged product (repaired or new) within 14 days from the date of acceptance of the complaint, and if it turns out to be impossible (e.g. out of stock), the Service Provider will reimburse the Customer for the full amount of the product price paid together with the costs incurred by the Customer with the costs of delivery of the advertised clothing product in a standard package.

If the complaint is not accepted, the goods will be returned to the Customer together with an opinion as to the unjustified nature of the complaint.

Return instructions:

  • The returned goods are accepted only in the original packaging and bearing the original tag, with the attached complaint form and a proof of purchase. Otherwise, returns will be rejected. Shipment to the following address:


Monika Chwajoł

ul. Czeremchowa 2a

30-218 Krakow2.

  • The Goods returned by the Customer should be packed in an appropriate manner to protect against possible damage during transport.

Complaint form for downloading: