FAQ - MC Premium


  1. Can I get additional information about the product I want to buy?

Our Customer Service Department is at your disposal for any clarifications regarding the products on sale and if the question is extremely technical, it will be forwarded directly to the MC-Premium design office, and then a reply will be sent by e-mail.

2. Where are MC-Premium products sewn?

Clothing and accessories are designed and sewn exclusively in Poland.

3. Can I change or delete my order?

By contacting us as soon as possible, you can delete an order that has not yet been shipped, but it cannot be changed.

4. I made a mistake in my choice. What can I do?

If the purchased product is of the wrong size or you do not like it, please contact us to register your inquiry and obtain guidelines on the parcel return procedure.

5. If the product is no longer available, can I order it?

MC-Premium collections are based on quality. Our clothing and accessories are produced in limited quantities, from the highest quality fabrics, knitwear and materials that have their limits. Therefore, it is not possible to order a sold-out assortment.

6. How long do I have to wait for my order to be processed?

The order is processed after the payment is credited to the account. The delivery time (2-5 business days) should also be taken into account.

7. Which products are not subject to complaint?

Products which are not subject to complain:

  • has been mechanically damaged or damage resulted from improper use or maintenance;
  • was used contrary to its intended use;
  • had naturally worn out

In addition, the complaint does not cover replaceable parts of the product, such as: stripes, patches, emblems, laces.