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MC PREMIUM Philosophy

At MC PREMIUM, we strongly believe, that real beauty begins in the mind, not in the mirror. And this is why our mission is to create clothes, in which everyone could feel special.

Our Brand is created from the dreams, the desire to make them come true and the wish to share our own fashion vision with others. MC PREMIUM was launched in 2020. Its cteator and founder is Monica Chwajoł- businesswoman, participant in many television programs, recognized by mass media as a person with really great style, having a unique flair for fashion and a sense of style, that does not leave her behind. Monica’s instagram profile has become a real treasury of stylizations and fashion ideas that inspire thousands of women.

In a world full of trends, we still remember that Elegance is a timeless value. The MC PREMIUM Team creates clothes and accessories in which the classic is combined with unique artistic, structural and technical solutions. Each projest is created with passion, precision and attention to the smallest details. High quality is our essence- that is why the common feature of our projects are carefully selected materials, finishing and additives.